WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #5 – The Cross Country Flight

Feb 15, 2022

One of the key stages on the journey towards a private pilot’s license a ‘cross country’ flight, designed to help pilots practice enroute VFR navigation. In this rating, you will depart Nashua Airport (KASH) and fly to two other airports of your choosing, provided that one is controlled and the other is untowered. You’ll be responsible for conducting most of the flight planning on your own to ensure that you fully grasp necessary VFR concepts prior to beginning the WINGS IFR series.


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The final Wings Over New England VFR flight takes you from Nashua Airport (KASH) back to Boston Airport (KBOS) using a published helicopter route to transition into the Class B airspace. Contrary to their name, helicopter routes at Boston are also used by fixed-wing aircraft and are an excellent way of navigating through the complicated…

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WINGSFlight™️ – IFR Flight #4 – Airway and TEC Route Review

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