WINGSFlight™️: VFR Flight #2 & #3: VFR Navigation & Flight Following + Entering Class B Airspace

Feb 15, 2022

VFR Flight #2

In this second WINGS VFR flight, it’s time to fly somewhere! You will put the skills learned in the previous flight about the traffic pattern to work on a VFR flight from Nantucket Airport (KACK) to the Quonset State Airport (KOQU). In the process, you will learn about obtaining Flight Following, selecting an appropriate VFR cruise altitude for your direction of flight, and will also brush up on your traffic pattern knowledge.

VFR Flight #3

This VFR rating flight will take you from Quonset State Airport (KOQU) to Boston Airport (KBOS). The key difference between this and the previous rating is that you will not be receiving Flight Following while en-route. Air traffic control will provide services at KOQU and KBOS, but nothing in between. Therefore, you’ll learn about the different types of airspaces, what the requirements to enter them are, and when you are required to talk to ATC.


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