TrainingFlight™: Day 1 of learning PMDG’s first MSFS aircraft, the DC-6!!!!! !PMDG

Jun 16, 2021

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DC-6 AirlineFlight™: Amsterdam to Dusseldorf EHAM -> EDDL

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WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #4 – Leaving Class B Airspace

This WINGS flight travels from Boston Airport (KBOS) to Nashua Airport (KASH) without Flight Following, much like WINGS VFR 3. The last flight focused on entry to the Class B airspace; in this one, you’ll exit the airspace. Overall, this flight serves as an excellent review of the material covered thus far in Wings Over…

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WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #6 – Boston Class B Helicopter Routes

The final Wings Over New England VFR flight takes you from Nashua Airport (KASH) back to Boston Airport (KBOS) using a published helicopter route to transition into the Class B airspace. Contrary to their name, helicopter routes at Boston are also used by fixed-wing aircraft and are an excellent way of navigating through the complicated…

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Exclusive First Look at the BAe 146 for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 by JustFlight

Aircraft featured is pre-release work in progress. Today we have a look at Just Flight’s upcoming BAe 146-100 prior to her release. Still missing an FMS and WX radar, all other systems seem ready, and we assess them as we fly from London City to Dundee airport. Let’s go!

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WINGSFlight™️ – IFR Flight #4 – Airway and TEC Route Review

This flight will take you from Providence Airport (KPVD) to Martha’s Vineyard Airport (KMVY) using the published TEC route, which includes the V167 airway. Weather permitting, you will receive a visual approach at KMVY.

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FerryFlight™️ – Leg 8 – Second and Final Attempt – Salzburg to Zell Am See

TheFlyingFabio continues his adventure of ferrying Just Flight’s Piper Turbo Arrow from Florida to Europe… will he have what it takes to see this grueling test through? Follow along and find out!

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