FerryFlight™: Leg 4 – Goosey Bay to Narsarsuaq – CYYR -> BGBW

Jun 21, 2021

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FerryFlight™️ – Leg 7 – Prestwick to Rotterdam

TheFlyingFabio continues his adventure of ferrying Just Flight’s Piper Turbo Arrow from Florida to Europe… will he have what it takes to see this grueling test through? Follow along and find out!

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WINGSFlight™️: VFR Flight #2 & #3: VFR Navigation & Flight Following + Entering Class B Airspace

VFR Flight #2 In this second WINGS VFR flight, it’s time to fly somewhere! You will put the skills learned in the previous flight about the traffic pattern to work on a VFR flight from Nantucket Airport (KACK) to the Quonset State Airport (KOQU). In the process, you will learn about obtaining Flight Following, selecting…

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FerryFlight™: From Florida to Europe – Leg 2: KTEB->KBHB

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WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #1 – The Traffic Pattern

Wings VFR Flight #1 In this flight, you will complete a minimum of three laps of the VFR traffic pattern in a small, non-jet, general aviation aircraft like a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee. Before flying, ensure you have the airport diagram available and that the weather is suitable for a VFR flight.

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WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #4 – Leaving Class B Airspace

This WINGS flight travels from Boston Airport (KBOS) to Nashua Airport (KASH) without Flight Following, much like WINGS VFR 3. The last flight focused on entry to the Class B airspace; in this one, you’ll exit the airspace. Overall, this flight serves as an excellent review of the material covered thus far in Wings Over…

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WINGSFlight™️ – IFR Flight #2 VOR Navigation & IFR Flight #3 Airways

IFR Flight #2 The second IFR rating is a short hop from Boston Airport (KBOS) to Providence Airport (KPVD). It expands on the concepts from IFR 1 and introduces VOR navigation and TEC routes. Additionally, you’ll fly an ILS approach at KPVD to further hone your instrument approach skills. IFR Flight #3 This flight will…

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