Rum Running Tour – TFF GroupFlight

A tour and visually pleasing trip around the Carribean.

Idaho Wonders – TFF GroupFlight

Flight plan and guide featuring a number of unpaved and challenging strips in the Idaho mountains.

Cessna 152 Pilot’s Operating Handbook

1978 Model 152 Cessna POH – For training use only

DC-6 in-game checklist

Amplified checklist for the PMDG DC-6, using the in-game checklist feature. The checklist is pretty long and mostly follows the recommended operating procedures. This is mainly intended for those who like the built-in MSFS checklist feature and want to operate the airplane without relying on the automatic flight engineer.

DC-6 JDs Comprehensive Checklist & Procedures

This is a comprehensive checklist including some procedures for PMDG’s DC-6. Two Checklists included: One including full use off the AFE. One completely without using the AFE.

UK Motorsport Circuits VOR/NDB VFR

1,199 nm trip around the UK visiting major and minor motorsport circuits using a combination of VOR/NDB and VFR navigation assembled by MechanicalMadness