WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #6 – Boston Class B Helicopter Routes

The final Wings Over New England VFR flight takes you from Nashua Airport (KASH) back to Boston Airport (KBOS) using a published helicopter route to transition into the Class B airspace. Contrary to their name, helicopter routes at Boston are also used by fixed-wing aircraft and are an excellent way of navigating through the complicated…

WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #5 – The Cross Country Flight

One of the key stages on the journey towards a private pilot’s license a ‘cross country’ flight, designed to help pilots practice enroute VFR navigation. In this rating, you will depart Nashua Airport (KASH) and fly to two other airports of your choosing, provided that one is controlled and the other is untowered. You’ll be…

WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #4 – Leaving Class B Airspace

This WINGS flight travels from Boston Airport (KBOS) to Nashua Airport (KASH) without Flight Following, much like WINGS VFR 3. The last flight focused on entry to the Class B airspace; in this one, you’ll exit the airspace. Overall, this flight serves as an excellent review of the material covered thus far in Wings Over…

WINGSFlight™️ – VFR Flight #1 – The Traffic Pattern

Wings VFR Flight #1 In this flight, you will complete a minimum of three laps of the VFR traffic pattern in a small, non-jet, general aviation aircraft like a Cessna 172 or Piper Cherokee. Before flying, ensure you have the airport diagram available and that the weather is suitable for a VFR flight.


SkyVector is a provider of world-wide aeronautical charts, online mapping and related flight planning products and services that can be used for VFR flight planning.

Pacific Northwest Adventures – TFF GroupFlight

A low altitude cruise along the Pacific Northwest’s Olympic Coast and Oregon Coast stopping at a combination of remote short strips and larger regional airports.

Project Coastline Italy + Grosseto Airport

Explore over 400km/250mi of Italian enhanced coastline, for hours of VFR fun.

UK Motorsport Circuits VOR/NDB VFR

1,199 nm trip around the UK visiting major and minor motorsport circuits using a combination of VOR/NDB and VFR navigation assembled by MechanicalMadness