WINGSFlight™️ – IFR Flight #4 – Airway and TEC Route Review

This flight will take you from Providence Airport (KPVD) to Martha’s Vineyard Airport (KMVY) using the published TEC route, which includes the V167 airway. Weather permitting, you will receive a visual approach at KMVY.

WINGSFlight™️ – IFR Flight #2 VOR Navigation & IFR Flight #3 Airways

IFR Flight #2 The second IFR rating is a short hop from Boston Airport (KBOS) to Providence Airport (KPVD). It expands on the concepts from IFR 1 and introduces VOR navigation and TEC routes. Additionally, you’ll fly an ILS approach at KPVD to further hone your instrument approach skills. IFR Flight #3 This flight will…

WINGSFlight™️ – IFR Flight #1 – Introduction to IFR

In this introduction to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR), you will depart and arrive at Boston Airport (KBOS) using a Standard Instrument Departure (SID) and an Instrument Landing System (ILS) approach. The focus of this rating is on proper compliance with the LOGAN# departure procedure, listening and responding to ATC instructions, and flying the ILS approach…


SkyVector is a provider of world-wide aeronautical charts, online mapping and related flight planning products and services that can be used for VFR flight planning.


Simbrief is a virtual flight planning service designed to help flight simmers plan detailed IFR flight routes and import them into the sim.