The Best of The Flying Fabio

Featured clips and memorable moments assembled by community member @jesusf15

DC-6 AirlineFlight™️ – SAS922 Leg 6 – LSZH->EDDF

Flight plans and OFP for stream September 16th, 2021

DC-6 AirlineFlight™️ – SAS922 Leg 5 – LPPT->LSZH

Flight plans and PDFs for stream September 9th, 2021

DC-6 AirlineFlight™️ – SAS922 Leg 4 – GOOY-LPPT

Flight plans and PDFs for stream September 2nd, 2021

DC-6 AirlineFlight™️ – SAS 922 Leg 3 – SBRF->GOOY

Flight plans and PDFs for stream August 26th, 2021

AirlineFlight – Montevideo to Rio – SUMU to SBGL

Flight plans for stream from August 12th, 2021

DC-6 AirlineFlight™️ Flight Plan PAFA-PABA

Flight plan for stream from July 15, 2021


PMDG’s debut product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the magnificent, new, flight simulation engine created by Microsoft and Asobo Studios is finally available.  The PMDG Douglas DC-6 has been built from the ground up to capitalize on the vast strengths of this new simulation platform and brings to life the magestic DC-6 in a way never before…

DC-6 in-game checklist

Amplified checklist for the PMDG DC-6, using the in-game checklist feature. The checklist is pretty long and mostly follows the recommended operating procedures. This is mainly intended for those who like the built-in MSFS checklist feature and want to operate the airplane without relying on the automatic flight engineer.

DC-6 JDs Comprehensive Checklist & Procedures

This is a comprehensive checklist including some procedures for PMDG’s DC-6. Two Checklists included: One including full use off the AFE. One completely without using the AFE.