Fabio TrackIR Profile XML

Extract the xml file from this ZIP archive and import into Track IR

FlyTrap – Windows Wallpaper Utility for FlyPaper

FlyTrap is a Windows utility which can download and set your desktop wallpaper from the FlyPaper collection of flight sim screen shots. Select from featured wallpapers, your liked wallpaper, or any random paper. FlyPaper features hundreds of top quality screenshots from MSFS2020 and other popular flight simulators. Checkout flypaper.theflyingfabio.com Please Note: This utility and FlyPaper is provided free of charge and free of any guarantee or obligation. It does not come signed by a developer certificate but is developed with care by @kerkness. Report any issues or bugs by creating a ticket in the #contact-fabio channel on our discord.

CRJ AirlineFlight™️ – LFMT->LFPO

Flight plans and Operational Flight Plan

JourneyFlight™️ – Leg 5 – MMCL->MMTO

Little Navmap and MSFS flight plans