Wing 42

Wing42 was established as a brand in 2017 to bring high-quality and feature rich add-on products to the flight simulation market. With a focus on vintage aircraft, we strive to provide products that immerse you into the time and place of when the original aircraft were operated.


Bleriot XI for MSFS

It is the year 1909, only six years after the brothers Wright performed the first motorized flight, when Louis Blériot achieved a breakthrough with his 11th attempt of designing a functional flying machine. The type XI was the 11th machine constructed by French aviator Louis Blériot and it made its first flight at Issy-les-Moulineaux (near Paris) on Jan. 23, 1909. She was a marvel of technology and the first successful monoplane design, featuring many elements that are still in use to today. The Blériot XI won awards, set records and was flown all around the world by the first aviators.

With this addon, Wing42 brings this iconic aircraft to life for Microsoft Flight Simulator, so you can relive the great moments and dangers of aviation in the 1910s. The Wing42 Blériot XI features two variants depicting prominent contemporary specimen of this aircraft. The high fidelity model features high resolution PBR textures, unique and jarring soundpacks – utilising the new WWise sound engine, as well as a ultra-realistic flight model that makes you tighten your grip around the controller until your knuckles turn white.

Flying a Blériot XI means flying with very small margins of error. With the cruise speed being a meager 7 knots higher than your stall speeds, it’s a challenge to even keep this aircraft airborne! The light-weight construction, combined with inefficient wing-warping, means that there’s very little lateral control and you need to plan every turn carefully, to ensure you don’t end up in a spin.

On the other hand, this aircraft set numerous world records for speed, altitude and endurance. Louis Blériot performed the prize-winning flight across the English Channel in his ‘Onze’ – coincidentally completing the first international flight with this feat. A few years later, Peruvian Jorge Chávez chose the Blériot XI for his flight across the Alps. Swiss aviator Oskar Bider bought a Blériot XI to be the first to fly across the Pyrenees in a record flight of over 500 km from the French town Pau to the Spanish Guadalajara, close to Madrid.

Dive into the Wing42 Blériot XI and recreate these amazing accomplishments for yourself! If you do, you will re-learn how to fly and become a better pilot for it!

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