PMDG Simulations

PMDG's simulation products are being used by individuals, companies, pilots and professional flight crews in nearly every country around the world. A leader in the development of advanced simulation technologies, PMDG's simulation software has become well known for attention to detail, innovation and thoroughness.

PMDG works with some of the biggest names in aerospace and partners with some of the world's largest airlines in order to produce highly detailed airliner simulations that are capable of reproducing the complex world of the modern flight deck in finite detail.

PMDG is a global business with employees and contractors working in Canada, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Russia, South Africa and the United States. In addition to our software development, PMDG currently operates various restored aircraft including a Douglas DC-3 and an SNJ-6 that are used to inspire future generations of aviators at appearances throughout the United States and Europe.


PMDG 737 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

COMING SOON for Microsoft Flight Simulator

"In 1982, with a first PC and a flight simulator, it was hard not to imagine what great things might come.

It just took us forty years to get here."

R.S.Randazzo - Founder, PMDG


PMDG Douglas DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

PMDG's debut product for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the magnificent, new, flight simulation engine created by Microsoft and Asobo Studios is finally available.  The PMDG Douglas DC-6 has been built from the ground up to capitalize on the vast strengths of this new simulation platform and brings to life the magestic DC-6 in a way never before possible.

Immerse yourself in a cockpit so detailed that you can almost smell the leather and feel the texture of surfaces beneath your hand.  Every surface is modeled to minute detail, right down to dust, scratches in the surface of paint, wear spots on high-touch surfaces and thousands upon thousands of other small details that bring the simulation to life.

While no detail has been overlooked in the design and depth of the simulation, the development team at PMDG has worked hard to ensure that even novice sim-pilots can enjoy flying this magnificent example of flying history, as we have included a virtual crew feature to help operate the airplane with simplicity.  Their assistance is a mouse-click away in the form of our Automated Flight Engineer who will run your checklists, conduct system checks, configure the airplane's systems and manage your engine power settings while you focus on flying the airplane or just enjoying the view.

Flying Fabio PMDG Videos

PMDG 737 – Pre-Release Preview – SBSP – SBRJ

The airplane featured in this video is a pre-release version of the PMDG 737 for MSFS. Join Fabio as he takes the 737-700 on a quick flight from SBSP to SBRJ and shows off the exceptional work from PMDG and their latest aircraft for MSFS

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PMDG 737 First Look – KRNT to PAKT

The airplane featured in this video is a pre-release version of the PMDG 737 for MSFS. Join Fabio as he takes a brand new 737-700 from the Boeing factory in Renton and delivers it to Alaska.

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DC-6 AirlineFlight™: Amsterdam to Dusseldorf EHAM -> EDDL

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TrainingFlight™: Day 1 of learning PMDG’s first MSFS aircraft, the DC-6!!!!! !PMDG

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RevealFlight™: PMDG’s first MSFS aircraft, the DC-6!!!!!

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