Software engineer for 20+ years, started in the flight sim industry in 2017 with products for P3D, the first was AI Lights Reborn Professional. Joined forces to work with //42 in 2018-2019 and we have been partners since then. This resulted in Immersion Packages V2 for PMDG 737 NGXu for P3D, Immersion Packages for Aerosoft Airbus series on P3D, 777 V2 Immersion packages for PMDG 777 for P3D.

The most recent release for MSFS was FreedomFox with //42 and now the Sting S4.

FSReborn is my personal space where I can get to work in personal dreams and projects, allowing me to explore the SDK technologies, experiment freely and push boundaries. Every technology discovered is then shared with Keven and Edson from //42 and we use it to create new products and bring exiting things for simulators.


Sting S4 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Sting S4 is a composite aircraft with engine located in the front, from the very first moment, you will succumb to its charm.Outstanding cabin view, low noise and excellent aircraft features that will maximize your flight experience. It's primary structure
contains 85% carbon fiber for maximum strength and weight saving.

Due to the sophisticated aerodynamic refinements, the Sting S4 is a fine competitor in speed. Effortless maneuverability and high comfort make this aircraft suitable for all ages and it will leave you with impressions of agility and elegance.

The FSReborn modeling of the Sting S4 features:

  • Realistic night lighting, exterior lighting and ambient lighting inside the cabin.
  • CFD (Computation Fluid Dynamics) and new MSFS prop physics fully implemented into the flight model.
  • Realistic flight model tested by Sting S4 pilots.
  • MSFS rain and icing effects included.
  • Highly accurate 3D model and animations.
  • Opening canopy.
  • Full custom engine carburetor physics modeled, this includes choke behavior due to ambient + engine temperature, Inverted flight consequences and many other real world behaviors.
  • Full custom coded checklist as per original aircraft POH(Pilot Operational Handbook) with interactive co-pilot.
  • Tablet EFB to operate many options of the aircraft, including fuel, weight, chocks, pitot tube cover, tyre pressure, break pads, battery charge, engine maintenance, lighting bulbs and many more.
  • Custom maintenance module (via the EFB) which manages wear and tear to many components of the aircraft alongside with realistic behaviors, failures and consequences in your flight such as, engine failures, brake failures, electrical failures,  tyre's air pressure and many others real world circumstances encountered by real pilots.
  • BRS (Ballistic Rescue System also known as CAPS) full implemented and operational, designed with custom physics and flight model.
  • This is the first aircraft in MSFS capable of bringing this technology and experience to users.
  • Full GTN750 integration (PMS50).
  • 4K highly detailed PBR textures for the best immersion experience possible.
  • 11 liveries included.

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