MSFS Official Stream Notes

For those who missed the MSFSofficial stream these are the important points they hit in the short hour long stream.

A secondary dev stream will happen on June 30th to discuss the Xbox release and PC upgrades for the July 27th release.

WU6 – Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Vienna getting photogrammetry
2 other cities as well (TBD)

  • New Asobo Plane: Junkers JU-52
  • Native float planes coming with Xbox Update July 27th
  • Husky release August 3rd (tentative)
  • Asobo got access to a Junker to record sounds for Wwise
  • Jorg hoping to test bathymetry in the coming months with a hopeful implementation in 2022
  • There is ongoing “behind the scenes” work on LODs for previous world updates. They were working on London and Japan last week to make improvements for future updates
  • Asobo & MS are currently reviewing launch airports and launch POI’s for future upgrades
  • Goal is to hit 2,000 new POI’s added in 2022
    -Working Title now helping update missing/incorrect airport data
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