Fabio Featured in The Guardian

Recently the UK and London Heathrow Airport were hit by Storm Eunice and as most aviator enthusiasts know, when the wind is blowing the planes are crabbing. Well known YouTuber Jerry Dyer from BigJet TV headed to Heathrow with his camera to show the action live on stream. More than 200,000 people tuned in to see the big tubes struggle to land in the strong winds. This caught the attention of local media and some attention to the hobby of flight simulation that we love so much.

Our own Fabio Miguez was interviewed for an article by The Guardian along with fellow twitch streamers Thomas Cochran (@757Spy), Matthew Smith (@Chewwy94) and Jaime Paine (@LondonController)

Excerpt from The Guardian

Compared to his fellow streamers, Miguez takes a more educational approach: “Most streamers fly from A to B. I didn’t just want to fly, I wanted to teach”. He is also on a mission to improve flight safety, restaging real-life accidents to see what could have been done differently. “We will go out and fly that flight in the simulator and put ourselves in the same situations. We make some different decisions to see if we can change the outcome. There’s a lot to learn that could keep other people alive.”

Check out the full article here by Sammy Gecsoyler

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