Welcome New FOF

Good afternoon FOF (@everyone)!

I wanted to take a quick second to welcome in all the new members we’ve had join over the last few weeks and appreciate all of the knowledge, articles, and cool info being shared! The team has created this Discord as kind of a paradise for aviation nerds so there is a lot going on and so much information being shared so I wanted to take a second to let folks know about a few features of the server.

First off, we do like to celebrate birthdays in this sever so if you are someone who wants to be recognized hop on over to the #bot-commands channel and use “!remember-birthday-YYYY-MM-DD” command to have our bot store your birthday for later celebration! Additionally, you can use the same channel and commands !metar or !taf to pull reports for your flight simming needs.

Throughout our server you’ll find various resource spreadsheets for add-ons, development updates for MSFS, etc. You can now use commands ?development and ?addons to see both the Aircraft in Development for MSFS tracker or the TFF Mega-resource spreadsheet. The Mega-resource spreadsheet has recommended add-ons, manuals for various MSFS aircraft, previous groupflight plans, and much much more!

You may also notice our channel #community-streams. We love to promote other streamers within this community but ask that if you promote your stream there that you abide by a few rules.

  • Keep it family friendly
  • Must be flight sim related content (No COD, Racing, etc.)

Simple enough right? Happy Streaming!

Lastly, as Fabio mentioned on stream today. This Saturday he will be streaming a series of flights highlighting various Orbx products for their FlyJuly event. These flights will be groupflights and we may even have a few surprise giveaways

More to come! Let’s gooooooo!

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